Alternative Water Resources Prize

BruggenDr. Bart Van der Bruggen of the Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven

The topic for the 4th Award of the Alternative (Non-traditional) Water Resources Prize was “Innovative Methods for Water Production from Non-traditional Water Resources”. This prize is being awarded to Dr. Van der Bruggen for his work in the use of nanofiltration membrane technology for industrial water recycling.

Dr. Van der Bruggen has conducted important work on water recycling, including water recycling situation and principles, and the applications of various membrane technologies in wastewater regeneration.

These works have made new contributions to the knowledge and practice of water recycling.

010Dr. Van der Bruggen’s research explores the use of a number of different nanofiltration membrane technologies for a wide range of industrial situations as diverse as the textile industry, breweries, and car washes.  He also takes up “the challenge of zero discharge” where  he explores, within the context of the brewery process, methods for assessing the potential for water re-use directly or after regeneration, with the remaining wastewater included in an overall process scheme aiming at the ambitious goal of zero wastewater discharge.

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