Surface Water Prize

Dr. Jery R. Stedinger Dr. Jery R. Stedinger (Cornell University)

This award recognizes the valuable contributions that Dr. Stedinger and his colleagues have made to improve the statistical framework for understanding and interpreting hydrologic and flood data, including historical and regional information, so that flood risk management and flood control projects can effectively address the real risk of floods to lives, property, economic activities, and society generally.

In particular, the framework he pioneered in the 1980s for use of historical and paleoflood data has endured as the appropriate conceptual paradigm for understanding and interpreting historical records and physical evidence documenting the occurrence of floods that date from before the beginning of regular measurements.

He has also pioneered a sound statistical framework for the regional regression as a tool for the regional analysis of hydrologic data and for network design. His methods are now the standard for such flood frequency estimation procedures for ungauged sites around the world.

He has also pursued regional index flood and other flood quantile estimators that efficiently employ regional and at-site information, as well as historical and physiographic data. Such methods are particularly valuable in flood-prone arid areas, as well as other data-poor regions of the world. Other research has addressed the integration of risk and uncertainty into evaluation of flood protection projects, dam safety concerns, and water resource system operation and system design.

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