Water Management Prize

Dr. Howard S. Wheater Dr. Howard S. Wheater (Imperial College, London)

The integrated and sustainable management of water resources depends firstly on appropriate scientific understanding of the hydrology that determines the availability of surface and groundwater resources, and secondly on the use of appropriate modelling tools to support assessment of water resource sustainability and the development and evaluation of strategies for integrated management.

The ability to manage water resources effectively in arid and semi arid areas has been severely limited by: a) poor knowledge and understanding of the special hydrological characteristics of these areas, and b) the lack of modelling tools to represent these special characteristics adequately.

Professor Wheater has been working for 25 years to improve the understanding of the hydrology of these areas, to develop suitable modelling tools for management, to apply these in practice for improved water resources management, and to disseminate state-of-the-art information to students and practitioners.

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