Alternative Water Resources Prize

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mohamed_khayet_souhaimiDr. Mohamed Khayet Souhaimi (University Complutense of Madrid, Spain).

The prize is awarded to Dr. Khayet for his work in pioneering and promoting membrane distillation for water recovery using alternative renewable energy sources.

Dr. Khayet is at the forefront of promoting membrane distillation, a process that is relevant both for water recovery from alternative sources (not only seawater but also concentrates from industrial production)  as well as for energy-friendly separation processes (membrane distillation can be used with waste heat, for example).

His work is not only novel, but also very creative and even visionary since he was one of the pioneers in this process that has now gained worldwide interest.

The practicality and implementation value of Dr. Khayet’s research is equally high.  The process that he has studied and promoted in all its theoretical and experimental aspects (from membrane synthesis to implementation) has now been scaled up and is being used for large-scale applications in Singapore and elsewhere. In many other countries, plans for using this or related processes are mushrooming.

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