Surface Water Prize

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mohamed_khayet_souhaimiDr. Larry W. Mays (Arizona State University).

The prize is awarded to Dr. Mays for comprehensive work in surface water hydrology and water resources engineering, culminating in three leading and innovative textbooks in the field and the development of optimization models in practical hydrology for current problems, including real-time optimal dam release during flood conditions and watershed development in urban areas.

The books by Mays, with their breadth, depth and broad relevance, have made a unique and tangible contribution to water resources engineering and the management of water resources throughout the world.

His books include Ancient Water Technologies (2010), Ground and Surface Water Hydrology (2012), and Integrated Urban Water Management: Arid and Semi-Arid Regions (2008). One of his most unique contributions is to demonstrate how ancient water technologies can be applied today to manage water resources in concentrated urban areas and alleviate many present-day sustainability problems.

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